les waroos 2008 arrivent fin octobre en france et les barres 2008 seront disponibles courant décembre
elles seront équipées du syteme VP2 comme les nemesis HP , pour augmenter le depower sur une plus courte distance, augmenter la reactivité du kite et la stabilité
la forme générale de l'aile a étè retravaillée pour ameliorer les performances de la waroo 2007
Pour la premiere année des réglages sont possibles sur les arrieres de chaque cotés de l'aile le long du bord d'attaque, vous pouvez changer la vitesse de l'aile mais aussi le depower et la puissance
le surbordage a étè réduit pour les personnes désirant faire du freestyle
sont pouvoir de sustentation vertical à étè augmenté
amélioration du Canopy Framing Technology apparu avec la waroo pro et puis la waroo 2007, pour rendre votre aile incassable et uniforme
ainsi les battens 2007 disparaissent

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best waroo 2008
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The new ’08 Waroo LE bridle and depower system delivers more than just increased depower from reduced bar travel. A captive short-throw front pulley system optimizes load distribution between the wingtips and the center of the LE, giving a more rigid and stable kite that delivers less pitching moment, ensuring maximum stability regardless of depower. VP2 makes the ’08 Waroo the most stable SLE on the market.

EZ-Pump™ Total Inflation System:

The EZ-pump™ total inflation system allows easy one-shot inflation of the entire airframe of the kite. Already proven in the Bularoo and Yarga Hybrid kites, this feature is a “must have” for riders who want to get out on the water fast. Revised for the ’08 Waroo, the new EZ-pump™ system comes with standard inflate and high volume deflate valves. There is no more reliable total inflation system available, it guarantees complete piece of mind.

Standard Inflation System:

For riders who value simplicity over convenience and simply want the best bang for their buck, the ‘08 Waroo is also available with a standard inflation system.

Moderate Aspect Ratio:

For 2008, the Waroo has an all new moderate aspect ratio design. A reworked projected area and larger wingtip control surfaces deliver a more responsive kite for freestyle riding and unhooked surfing. With a smaller turning circle and smoother power delivery throughout a kite loop, the ’08 Waroo is the kite you have been waiting for to advance your riding.

Canopy Framing Technology:

Crashing your kite is a fact of life. The ‘08 Waroo is the only freeride kite designed with Canopy Framing Technology - the ultimate reinforcement system. The entire perimeter of each canopy panel on the ’08 Waroo is supported with a continuous curved reinforcement zone, isolating the canopy from impact loads and improving on the legendary build quality of the ‘07 Waroo.

Solid Airframe Construction:

New for 2008, all LE strut joints are laser shaped and cut, then Kevlar tape reinforced. There is no better way to connect the leading edge to the struts; our construction gives the stiffest and lightest airframe available. This helps make the ’08 Waroo the fastest turning and most predictable SLE you will ever ride.

Load Flex LE seam:

The Load Flex LE seam in the new 2008 Waroo receives mark cloth internal reinforcement along with additional stitch reinforcement. Our unique three-layer webbing taped LE seam guarantees the strongest LE on any inflatable kite; there is simply no stronger or cleaner seam construction.

Custom Tune Options:

Rig and ride it your way. With our direct rear bridle setup you can rig your ‘08 Waroo for any blend of turning speed, depower and bar pressure. From unhooked riding to freestyle to big wave surfing; we are sure you will find a setup option that suits you perfectly, no matter where or how you prefer to ride.

Profile Shaper battens:

Ultimate depower can only come from maximum AOA adjustability and the ‘08 Waroo canopy shape and bridle arrangement ensure that your Waroo is the smoothest flying kite, even at the absolute limits of depower. No design without battens can come close to offering the same limitless depower. The range on each kite is so great that you will need fewer kites in your quiver to cover all riding conditions.

Teijin Rip-Stop Canopy:

If you want to cut corners, you can buy cheaper fabric, but you certainly can not use anything better. We only use Teijen Rip-Stop for our canopy material, as there is no better Rip-Stop cloth available.

Dacron Wing Tip Panels:

Multi-layer Dacron wingtip panels distribute turning forces for unmatched responsiveness and enable self launching without risk of damage. Increased surface area at the wingtips gives greater turning speed and our curved wingtip profile improves aerodynamics and eliminates vortex induced drag.

Woven Spectra Serviceable Pulley Lines:

4mm, woven and abrasion resistant pulley lines; easily replaceable for minimum down time.
Ronstan™ High Load Pulleys:

Precision Ronstan tm pulleys provide friction-free depower action and combined with our new VP2 bridle design, they deliver unbelievable depower and wind range for all conditions riding.

TE Battens:

Precision tolerance fiberglass battens support the trailing edge canopy section, smoothing the airflow over the trailing edge. Improved aerodynamics ensures faster turning and silent maneuvering, while our smooth pocketed mark-cloth construction delivers outrageous durability